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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Former NFL Player Chase Minnifield On Creating Helping Hand for Housing Needy Students

Knowing when to pivot is extremely important whether you’re a creative working in corporate or you run your own business. Having a backup plan is equally important. Former Washington Redskins defensive back and CEO of Helping Hand L.L.C., and President of EZ Turn, Chase Minnifield knows that all too well. The three-time entrepreneur has worked strategically on his game plan to ensure that he would thrive outside of the football arena.

After leaving the NFL, Minnifield launched Helping Hand L.L.C., an apartment service provider specializing in a variety of services such as late-night security and valet waste service that bring comfort for college students and assistance to college housing managers across the country. Minnifield is also president of EZ Turn, which is a mobile app and web portal specific to the student housing turn season. The EZ Turn app is designed to improve property staff performance, vendor performance, and communication, through improved efficiency, and advanced planning and better organization.

As someone who had to come up with new plays in the fourth quarter of his career, Minnifield is passionate about educating others on diversifying their income and opportunities. For the past four years, Minnifield has been tackling life as an entrepreneur and businessman. And next month in Charlotte he is going to help innovators, founders, and creators come up with a game plan to generate new streams of revenue at FWD.

In a sit-down interview with The Shadow League, Minnifield discusses his transition from being a student-athlete at the University of Virginia to joining the 53-man roster for the Washington Redskins and the ebbs and flows of running two businesses.


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