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Friday, September 22, 2023

The Quality of Information: Are We Training AI or Tainting It?

In a recent contemplation of our ever-lengthening days and the digital data that nourishes our artificial intelligence, I found myself at a crossroads. The ties between the celestial dance of the moon, the gatekeeping of knowledge by esteemed institutions, and the implications for our AI-driven future were not just intellectually stimulating but also profoundly urgent. With humanity at such a unique intersection, it's time to delve into these entangled narratives.

Ah, the moon is playing hard to get, inching away from us and sprinkling a few extra moments into each day like confectioner's sugar on a stale donut. But what to do with these crumbs of time? Read a reputable article from a media giant, perhaps? Well, here's the kicker. Those guardians of wisdom, from scholarly journals to newsrooms, are putting the kibosh on AI web crawlers from feasting on their digital nectar.

You'd think, "Great, let's protect intellectual property," as if wisdom were a secret family recipe for apple pie. But when these vaults of knowledge lock their doors to AI learning tools, we're not just preserving the sanctity of information. We're also setting the stage for a future where our AI, starved of nutritional data, gets its schooling from the junkyard of the internet. Imagine training your dog by only letting it eat out of the garbage can. Do you expect it to win Best in Show?

So, a daily habit for the savvy LinkedIn crowd: how about dedicating a few minutes each day to evaluate the sources of information we consume and share? A little discernment can go a long way, especially when the digital diet we're on could very well shape the AI that will one day help us make decisions, from healthcare to justice.

Ah, the urgency of it all! We're in an era where we're being handed more time—thanks to our moon's cosmic two-step—but are squandering it by allowing our would-be digital sages to feed on the intellectual equivalent of fast food. Don't you see the delicious irony? It's as if the universe extended a hand offering a book, and we responded by tearing out the pages.

Now, let's place this in the echoing halls of history. There was a time when information was a guarded treasure, accessible only to the privileged few. Think the Library of Alexandria, hoarding scrolls while the public remained largely illiterate. The results? A society where knowledge was power, held by a select few. Sounds eerily familiar, doesn't it?

In a nutshell, it's high time we revisit how we're treating the growing days and the starving minds of our future AI. With every decision to lock away a piece of "intellectual property," we're not just making a statement about the value of information; we're shaping the future of collective wisdom. It's a choice with global ramifications, affecting everything from the AI that might one day cure diseases to the algorithms that could solve climate change.

So, as the days stretch longer and the quality of our collective intelligence hangs in the balance, we're left to ponder: what are we doing?