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Monday, November 9, 2020

This 12-Year-Old Is Set To Become One of The Youngest Composers For the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

Teaching music to children has been said to offer positive growth during their early development. For one Brooklyn girl, her love for music led her to continue her dream toward composing original work while achieving remarkable milestones.

Grace Moore is a young musician who is poised for greatness and achieved a huge milestone this week. WPIX 11 reported that the seventh-grader is one of the youngest composers to enter the New York Philharmonic. Moore is enrolled in the organization’s Very Young Composers program designed to teach participants as young as 8-years-old how to create original scores. The members of the program will also get to see their work performed by professional musicians in the orchestra.

The student body of Poly Prep in Brooklyn congratulated their fellow student on its Twitter page to celebrate the high accomplishment. “#PolyPrep is so proud of seventh-grader Grace Moore ’26” the school wrote in a tweet. “Hear her beautiful music composed as part of the NY Philharmonic Very Young Composers program.”


In October, Moore was able to make her debut with the orchestra in a live performance she created for the program. The music organization shared a video of the performance featuring Moore in attendance to hear her music come to life on its Instagram page.


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